R&R Orchids’ Display at Mounts Botanical Garden

Tony and his crew put some of their most beautiful orchids on display at Mounts Botanical Garden’s signature annual orchid sale and event, Everything Orchids: A Shady Affair, on September 14th and 15th, 2013 at their conservatory in West Palm Beach, FL.

Tony’s booth featured some gorgeous, classic varieties of ascocenda and vanda orchids, and even some new plants Tony has cultivated. All of the new orchids on display and for sale at the event are also now available in our online store.


Tony at Mounts Botanical Garden


Tony “The Vanda Man” Romani Featured in the Palm Beach Post

R&R Orchids founder and owner Tony “The Vanda Man” Romani was featured in the Palm Beach Post in a July 2012 article titled “The Vanda Man: Orchids Are His Passion”, written by staff reporter Barbara Marshall.

Tony Romani in the Palm Beach Post

Photo by Brandon Kruse

In it, she poses the question: Can Tony turn the objects of his passion into an empire?

Take a read for yourself! Enjoy!

The Vanda Man: Orchids Are His Passion

Can he turn the objects of his passion into an empire?

By Barbara Marshall

“People actually ask if I dye them,” said Tony Romani, walking through a mass of orchids so flamboyantly colorful they could make rainbows weep in despair.

Romani grows vanda orchids, the showiest of all orchid species, with blooms the size of saucers and look-at-me shades of violet, magenta, purple, neon yellow, coral and fireball orange.
Subtle, they are not.

But then, neither is Romani.


The Vanda Man On WPTV Channel 5!

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – Tony Ramoni and his crew are busy getting ready for the West Palm Beach Green Market, opening Saturday morning.

“I get a chance to see what my colors are going to look like tomorrow, you know?” He says while hanging his plants.

This is his 10th year coming to the Green Market!

“I thought of the green market as…that’s my home. No matter where this business takes me, which is hopefully to the stars, the Green Market will always be my home and I will always be at the Green Market.”

Tony specializes in exotic Vanda orchids, which grow without soil, hanging from the sky.


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