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One of the most recognizable and popular species of orchids, this asceda blooms with luscious ease. A single planting can yield blooms that last for up to three months, and if cared for properly, may bloom more than once in a year.

  • Climate and Environment Ascda. Kultana Gold x Lourdes Apostle thrives in warm climates, with daytime temperatures between 80 and 95 degrees and nighttime temperatures no lower than 55 degree. Ideal humidity levels are between 50-70%. This plant does require an ample amount of light, however direct sunlight will burn its leaves. For best results, hang Ascda. Kultana Gold x Lourdes Apostle high in a greenhouse or on a loose canopy, non-deciduous tree. For northern climates, a greenhouse solarium or other similar structure is required.
  • Ascda. Kultana Gold x Lourdes Apostle Care Water your orchid every bright morning, taking care to thoroughly water the entire plant until it's roots are green. Rain or tap water is appropriate; however, avoid using water that has been "softened".

For more information on orchid care, please visit Tony's Tips.

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