How to Water Vandas and Ascocendas

Understanding the proper watering technique for Vandas is crucial for their health and well being. The dryer the climate, the more important watering becomes.

The most common techniques are hose watering or overhead irrigation. When hose watering, a two-step method is beneficial. First, give the plants a good once-over for about 30 seconds with a low pressure water breaker nozzle. Then, wait just a few moments for the roots of the Vanda to stop dripping.

This initial “priming” serves to allow the next application of water to be absorbed more efficiently. Once the water stops dripping completely, saturate the plant again, watering the leaves and roots until the roots have turned  a deep green color from their original whiter state.

This usually takes at least one minute per plant. Repeat this process on every bright and sunny day. This could be everyday in some locations (here in South Florida!) and once a week in others. Watering Vandas and Ascocendas in the morning is important.

Unlike other orchids, Vandas and Ascocendas need a wet and dry cycle; watering in the evening will encourage fungus.

Automatic sprinkler systems are the easiest way to ensure proper watering of your orchids

Automatic sprinklers can be elaborate or simple, but the goal is simple: to thoroughly water your orchids, and take away the human error factor. They should run for at least 5 minutes, but for no more than 20 minutes, depending on water pressure and nozzle type.

Mist heads should not be used in the watering of Vandas and Ascocendas. Instead, choose a full circle shrub type nozzle.

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