Blooming Conditions for Orchids

Many first time orchid owner wonder when their flowers will bloom.

Under conditions where the temperatures is generally maintained above 60 degrees Fahrenheit at night. Most of today’s modern Vanda and Ascocenda hybrids can bloom at any time of the year.

The heaviest periods of bloom tend to be late in the spring time and in the early weeks of summer. Blooms can also happen in the beginning of fall and winter.

Most specifically, it’s the day to night temperature swings or diurnal fluctuation, as well as the seasonal lenghtining and shortening of days, that causes Vandas and Ascocenda hybrids to bloom. Some plants such as Ascda. Suksumran Sunlight and Ascda. Princess Mikasa flower practically year round.

Are the conditions above being met, and you’re worried that your orchid is still not blooming? Tell us about it in the comments!