In a residential setting, there are many options to consider.

In the sub–tropics, ideally one should mimic our technique by building an inexpensive shade house. The 10’x20’ carport style canopies make great shade houses. They can be purchased typically under $200 at most home improvement stores.

Purchasing pre-fabricated shade panels, also inexpensive, in the 50%-60% shade range will maximize your Vanda and Ascocenda growth. These are the “Vanda machines” that we first started with. Vandas can also be very effectively grown under loose canopied non-deciduous trees.

Oaks, Black Olives, and certain varieties of palms i.e. Robellinis and Canaries make wonderful host trees for Vandas. In northern climates Vandas can also be grown successfully. However due to their cultural requirements they can be difficult at times.

A greenhouse, solarium, or other climate controlled structure as well as supplemental lighting and humidification is required. For more information on growing Vandas in northern climates please contact us.

Interesting in learning more about whether your particular climate, area, or environment can sustain Vanda growth? Either leave us a comment below or contact us at (561) 568-6085!